Ties for any occasion on sale One of the highlights of our Alfred Dunhill tie collection is the diversity of designs and colors available. From classic striped and check patterns to modern and avant-garde geometric, floral, and abstract prints, our ties reflect the versatility and constant evolution of men's fashion. The colors range from the most sober and elegant tones such as black, navy blue, and gray, to the most daring and vibrant ones such as red, emerald green, and yellow. This variety allows our customers to find the ideal tie for every occasion, whether it's a business meeting, a wedding, a social event, or simply to look impeccable in everyday life. Alfred Dunhill Ties Online By using 100% natural twill silk, Alfred Dunhill guarantees the highest quality in each of its ties. Natural silk is known for its softness, shine, and durability, characteristics that are enhanced in twill silk, which adds a distinctive touch of texture and firmness to the knot. In addition, being a breathable material, these ties are perfect for any time of the year, allowing the gentleman to feel comfortable and fresh at all times.