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The new Iris drawing compass has an improved grip for ease of use.

One of the most beautiful mechanisms to have stood the test of time has arrived. Enjoy using Iris to draw and measure simple, concentric or even shaded circles with its unique movable aperture. Iris is manufactured with the utmost care, with a solid brass body and carefully selected, corrosion-resistant stainless steel blades.
Iris is made of stainless steel and polished brass. The brass acquires a natural patina with use, but can be easily cleaned if the polished look is preferred.

Care instructions :

To clean Iris rings we recommend taking great care because it can interfere with the tightly machined tolerances if done incorrectly.
Start by taking some Brasso wadding (or other brass cleaning agent), take a small piece of the wadding and with small circular movements wipe the brass ring. Be careful not to get any of the cleaning agent into the crevices and joints of the Iris, as this can attract dirt. The wadding will change colour and turn black as it picks up oils and residues from the brass.
Once you have cleaned the brass, take a soft cloth or tissue and lightly dampen it with a little water and liquid soap. Next, wipe the residue off the Brasso with a similar motion and care as with the Brasso tape. Finally, take another soft cloth or tissue and dry any moisture on the top of the Iris.
At this point your Iris should be polished again and you may even have removed some micro scratches.


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